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  • Winner 2014 Landgate Dorothy Peacock Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Conveyancing Profession.
  • Nominee 2013 & 2014 Stewart Title Betty Quelch Award for Excellence in the Performance of a Settlement Agency.
  • Nominee 2012 Dorothy Peacock Award for Outstanding contribution to the Conveyancing Profession.
  • Winner 2007 Richard Wild Education Award for Excellence in Conveyancing Studies.
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Sellers Checklist

There is so much to think about when moving. This checklist is provided as a simple guide to assist you through the settlement process. We trust you will find it helpful.

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Buyers Checklist

Just like selling your home there can be a long list of things to do before you buy a house. Our checklist provides a guide to new & old buyers who want to ensure that they're prepared.

Welcome to Settlement Talk

Sue Trigg is our Licensed Conveyancer and owner of SettlementTalk has over 25 years in the settlement & real estate industry.

With Sue’s experience and personalised friendly service, you can expect;

SettlementTalk to be a friendly, independent licensed conveyancing agency that specializes in simplifying the settlement process.

SettlementTalk to provide a professional service to assist you with your purchase or sale of real estate throughout Western Australia.

SettlementTalk to make the buying & selling process stress free from start to finish.

SettlementTalk to be a member of the Institute of Conveyancing Western Australia.

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Settlement Agency Perth

Buying a new home or selling a property is an exciting moment as you look towards the future. The most important aspect before either can occur is the conveyancing process. This involves finalising the settlement and transferring the property from one individual to another.

Settlement Talk is an experienced property settlement agency in Perth providing professional services.

Property settlements can be a rather complicated process from preparing documents to submitting the paperwork. Working with a professional can easily avoid any hassles instead of doing it yourself. Whether you are buying or selling property, we provide professional services to high standards.

Sue Trigg is our Licensed Conveyancer with over 25 years of experience in the industry. With our services, we handle every aspect of the property transaction for a smooth settlement. Our commitment is providing outstanding and personalised services with professionalism and integrity.

Call us today to discuss your settlement requirements with our expert team.

Settlement Services

Every property transaction has different conditions and needs to be carefully reviewed before finalising any paperwork. We understand the amount of stress involved for buying or selling a property. We handle the entire process from start to finish, leaving absolutely no details to chance.

Here is a brief overview of the settlement services our team is able to assist with.

  • Residential: Buying or selling a home is rarely a straightforward process. Whether you are thinking of buying a property on the market or selling one, we can assist you. This includes preparing all the necessary documents and submitting the proper paperwork.
  • First home buyers: Buying a home is a major milestone, but the process can be overwhelming for those new to the market. We can assist in every aspect of the transaction.
  • Commercial & Industrial: Buying or selling a commercial establishment? Our professionals also assist with the conveyancing process.
  • Vacant land: Our settlement services are available for vacant land as well as for Survey Strata properties or new subdivisions. Whether you are buying or selling land, it is strongly advised to get in touch with a licensed conveyancer. We closely examine all the details to ensure a smooth land transfer.
  • Private sales: A sell is private between a seller and a buyer when there is no real estate agent involved in the transaction. In these situations, we can help you complete the offer and prepare the Contract of Sale.

Settlement Talk is committed to providing high standards of service with custom tailored solutions. Even for a seemingly straightforward deal, property transactions are a complex process. You need an experienced conveyancer to protect your interests at all times.

Additional services we provide for our clients include:

  • Title searches: This process involves retrieving the necessary documents that concern the property in question. Title searches are primarily done to evaluate any restrictions or liens that exist. We can assist with this process whether for a residential or commercial property.
  • Subdivision applications: The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is responsible for the approval of these applications in the state. Applications must be correctly filled out with the relevant details. Our professionals can lead you through the entire process and answer any of your questions.
  • Change of names: Changing names on a Certificate of Title is a complicated process with a number of steps involved. To complete this process, certain documents need to be properly filled out and submitted. We assist with the entire process and ensure the correct forms are lodged.
  • Deceased estate transfer: Treating assets in the deceased estate is a highly complicated process, especially for property owned as a joint tenant. In this situation you need expert advice to handle the situation appropriately. Our professionals are on hand to answer your questions and get the process started.

We recognise that every situation is different. Whether you are buying your first property or selling a commercial establishment, we provide personalised services to assist with the property settlement process. Our professionals have extensive experience to ensure a smooth transaction throughout each step.

Why Choose Settlement Talk?

We are a professional property settlement agency in Perth with extensive industry experience. We are an independent licensed conveyancing agency that specialise in all aspects of the settlement process. Our services are personalised to meet individual requirements for our clients.

Our professionals stay up to date on the latest professional developments in the industry. This ensures that all statutory requirements and regulations are closely adhered to. We are a proud member of the Institute of Conveyancing Western Australia.

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Our company is committed to providing quality services to high standards for property settlements. Whether you are a purchaser or seller, our professional team is here to help. Contact us today to get started and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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