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Cheapest Is Not Always Best

Cheapest isnt best Hands
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Why have Title Insurance?

Title Insurance
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Why a CPC Accredited Agent?

Settlement talk Facebook Post
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Property withholding rules explained


New withholding rules on sales of property by foreign residents have been introduced at a time when foreign investment in Australia, including in residential real estate, is increasing.

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Settlement Fees Have Changed


Settlement agents from the 3rd of February are now able to set their own fees for transactions.

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First Home Grant Has Changed


The first home owner grant of up to $3,000 for the purchase of established homes in Western Australia has been removed as of 3rd October 2015.

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Importance of Choosing a Settlement Agent


Conveyancing is a complex and time consuming business with many traps for the unwary. Choose your Settlement Agent as you would choose your Accountant, Doctor, Banker, Surgeon or any other professional that you require to look after YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS.

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