Settlement Fees

Settlement Fees

No two property transactions are alike. Each will have different conditions and requirements to finalise the sale. There are a number of factors involved that determine the estimated costs from the property type to fees incurred during the settlement. Settlement agents are allowed to recover disbursement costs associated with the property transfer, but only on a cost recovery basis.

Calculating the duty owed on a property first is recommended to ensure there are sufficient funds to pay for a settlement. Stamp duty varies from state to state and is calculated depending on the property’s value. If you are buying your first home, you may be eligible for a reduced rate. Our professionals are available and can assist with these calculations.


Contact us to speak to one of our Conveyancers for an estimate for our services. We strive to deliver incredible value for the settlement services we offer. Based on the information you provide us, we can provide a quote along with an estimate of disbursement fees.



Our Services

Settlement Talk offers a full range of professional services to facilitate property settlements. Our licensed conveyancers work closely with you throughout the entire process and keep you up to date.


We offer professional conveyancing services for the following:

Residential Vacant Land properties

Buying or selling a home is a major step and the process can be overwhelming. Our Conveyancers walk you through the steps involved and prepare all the necessary documents. We work on your behalf and liaise with the real estate agent to finalise the transaction.

Commercial & Industrial establishments

If you are buying or selling a commercial property, you need to take extra precaution to minimise any risks. Our conveyancers leave no details to chance.

Private sales

Private sales are only between a buyer and a seller without a real estate agent. These deals may seem straightforward but conveyancing is still a necessary process. We perform all the steps required to complete the transaction and finalise the deal.

First home buyers

Buying a new home is an exciting moment but can be overwhelming for those unfamiliar with the process. Our conveyancers assist with the entire process.

Additional services we provide for property transactions include:
  • Title searches

  • Name changes in titles

  • Subdivision applications

  • Family property transfers

  • Deceased estate transfers

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Property transfers can be an extremely complex area. We provide personalised solutions that are tailored to meet all requirements to complete the settlement. Your experience with our Conveyancers will be completely stress free throughout the entire process.

Settlement Talk recognises that every property transaction has different requirements. Call us today on 08 9239 0101 or use our online form to send us an inquiry. We will respond as soon as possible.