Property Settlement Services

Property Settlement Services in Perth

Transferring property from one individual to another can be a complicated process. Certain documents need to be properly prepared and lodged to finalise the settlement. Leaving these steps to a professional is strongly advised to protect your interests. Otherwise, you may face unexpected hurdles that could have easily been avoided. The process can be overwhelming even for transactions that seem relatively straightforward.

Whether you are buying a home or selling a commercial property, our professionals facilitate the entire transfer process. Our extensive industry experience means you can expect exceptional service to high standards. We have worked with numerous clients in Perth.

Conveyancers help you understand your obligations and the process for completing a property transfer. Conveyancing refers to the legal steps involved to transfer a property between two parties. 


Conveyancers undertake a number of tasks which include:

Conducting Title searches

Preparing and certifying legal documents

Stamping required documents

Preparing statements for the settlement

Calculating adjustment of rates and taxes

Liaising with real estate agents and financiers

Our Services

Settlement Talk recognises that no two property transactions are alike and that each has different conditions. Even transactions that seem similar on the surface could be completely different. This is why working with a licensed conveyancer is strongly recommended.

Our settlement services are available for:

Residential properties

If you are buying or selling property, you need an experienced settlement agency by your side. We work on your behalf to ensure the transfer process goes smoothly. This includes preparing the required documents and liaising with all parties involved in the transaction.

Commercial & Industrial establishments

We work extensively with buyers and sellers for commercial settlements.

Vacant land

Our professionals work on your behalf whether you are the buyer or seller of vacant land. Our services are also available for new subdivisions and Survey Strata properties. Regardless of your requirements, we can deliver services to meet your needs.

Private sales

A sale is considered private between a buyer and a seller when there is no involvement from a real estate agent. Our conveyancers are available to assist with the transaction and can assist with completing the Contract of Sale. Even with a contract already signed, we can review it and advise on the next steps to meet all the conditions.

Additional services we provide for property transactions include:
  • Survey Strata plans

  • Title office searches

  • Subdivision applications

  • Family transfers

  • Change of names

  • Deceased estate transfers

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