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Let us introduce you to the one and only Hannah Trigg, our fantastic Licensed Conveyancer (AKA The Boss). Not only does she [try to] keep us all in line, but she also keeps us laughing with her great sense of humour and infectious positive attitude. Hannah’s favourite thing about working at Settlement Talk is our team, and we couldn’t agree more – they’re pretty awesome!

When Hannah’s not working her magic at the office, she’s likely cheering on her favourite footy team, (the Freo Dockers), or working away in her garden, cooking up a storm with her partner Fabio.

Now, we do need to warn you, if you even pop by to visit our office, don’t be surprised if you find Hannah wrapped up in a blanket or wearing a jacket in the middle of summer. She’s always freezing, but we love her anyway! And while her desk may look like chaos to some, she always knows exactly where everything is (seriously, it’s a skill).

So if you ever find yourself in need of a top-notch conveyancer, look no further than Hannah, the Freo-loving, veggie-growing, jacket-wearing, chaos-coordinating Boss of Settlement Talk!

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