Les Trigg


Les Trigg

Les is our Outside Clerk and all-round office extraordinaire. Something needs doing? Someone needs a hand? Les is there, ready to get it done.

If you’ve been a client of Settlement Talk in the past, no doubt you would know Les and what an awesome, genuine bloke he is!

When we asked Les what he loves most about working at Settlement Talk, his answer was… “I get to work with a team of wonderful, professional ladies. And I get to work with my lovely wife Sue and my wonderful daughter Hannah.”

A kind-hearted, genuine family man who loves to travel? That’s Les. A little quirky? Also Les. He’ll only eat his dessert with a teaspoon.

But the thing that the Settlement Talk team love [hate] most about Les? Hearing all of his hilarious [terrible] dad jokes. He was even kind enough to share one of them with us here… “I tried to arrange a meeting at the local library. But was told they were fully BOOKED.” 

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