Nikeesha Richardson


Nikeesha Richardson

Nikeesha started working full time at Settlement Talk in early 2022, but she’s been with us casually for years. One of her favourite things about Settlement Talk is the amazing work environment. Her colleagues are long-time family friends, which makes every day more enjoyable thanks to the hilarious banter in the office.

As a relative newcomer to the industry, Nikeesha loves learning new things and is grateful to be taught by such incredible women. Outside of work, Nikeesha loves all things fast – she’s a self-proclaimed tomboy who adores cars, motorbikes, and anything that can go zoom! 

But that’s not all – Nikeesha is also a whiz in the kitchen and is known in the office as the Queen of Pavlovas. Her delicious creations have become an office birthday tradition! And let’s not forget about her amazing snack drawer, which always comes in handy on “Fat Fridays”. 

We’re so lucky to have Nikeesha as a part of our team, and we know you’ll love her too!

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